Magnum - need a lot of love

About four years ago we started testing handgun cartridges out of different lengths of barrel, using a Thompson/Center Encore platform, which has been altered to allow a number of different barrels to be quickly mounted. The procedure is to set up two chronographs at a set distance from a shooting rest, and fire three shots of each type of ammo, recording the results. Once we’ve tested all the ammo in a given caliber/cartridge, we chop an inch off the test barrel, dress it, and repeat the process, usually going from an 18-inch starting length down to 2 inches. The numbers are then later averaged and displayed in both table and chart form, and posted to our website for all to use.

Valve Covers
Most LA Valve covers bolt directly to Magnum heads. The extra bolts for the Magnum are unused, but the machined rail on the magnum heads makes leaky valve covers are a thing of the past! Note: You should use LA valve cover gaskets with LA valve covers.

Magnum - Need A Lot Of LoveMagnum - Need A Lot Of LoveMagnum - Need A Lot Of LoveMagnum - Need A Lot Of Love