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Due to safety, speed and its time and attendance/access point systems reliability, the segments of NEOKOROS are in a wide scope of market segments. These are some examples where the NEOKOROS solutions are applied:
- Gyms and fitness centers access control;
- Libraries control;
- Students frequency control in schools, universities and educational centers;
- Time and attendance/access control of industries and enterprises refectories/cafeterias;
- Recreation centers and nightclubs access control;
- Consumption control in nightclubs and entertainment centers;
- Horizontal and vertical condos access control;
- Parking lots and garages control;
- Automation control;
- Access control in federal prisons and correctional facilities;
- Digital fingerprint control for document management.

Neokoros Enter The MachineNeokoros Enter The MachineNeokoros Enter The MachineNeokoros Enter The Machine